Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lying swatches that lie

I have a magazine commission.  I swatched, blocked the swatch, did math, knit.  I tried on the item, I was getting the same gauge as the unblocked swatch, it was small but I knew from blocking that the swatch would grow.  It grew.  It grew significantly more than the stupid swatch did.  Instead of fitting a four year old the hat fits me.  I have a photoshoot in two days and need it in the mail in four days.  It's superwash so I can't felt it, I don't have more yarn and unpicking the woven in ends is maddening and I'm not convinced I have time to reknit the thing.  My son is sleeping so I'll try it on him when he wakes up but.... gah.  So utterly frustrating.

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