Friday, 5 August 2016

Indian Nights

I have finished the squares, they're part of the Indian Nights blanket Jenise Hope is making.  If you like colourwork and you're not familiar with her I would strongly suggest you check her out on Ravelry, her designs are breathtaking.

I've been knitting some of the squares for the final blanket and I've really enjoyed the process, it's also been a nice break as I concentrate on some of the non-knitting aspects of knitting design (editing patterns, working out charts, etc), it's been lovely to have something I can just knit and not fuss about the design itself.

I never did hear about the four magazine submissions I had sent out, apparently other designers have received offers so, despite the magazine saying they contact everyone I'm going to assume they don't want these and move on.  It's nice to know what I have on my plate and I think I'll actually make some of the things I submitted and release them in a bit, I have quite a bit I want to do right now and it's nice to know what I'm working with.

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