Thursday, 30 July 2015

One of my favourite sounds

Caleb was "helping" me do laundry earlier, mostly he was distributing the hangers all over my bedroom while I sorted, but it's nice to have company.  Recently he's gotten really good at jumping, he'll count to three and jump, usually when Joshua and I are each holding one of his hands and we'll swing him up.  I was folding the laundry on the bed and he climbed up, grinned at me, counted "three, two, three!" then launched himself into my arms.  I caught him and he scrambled down to do it again.  We laughed and laughed, and it was the most unproductive and best laundry folding session ever.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Earlier this year I submitted one of my patterns to a magazine for the first time.  It was rejected, and that's okay.  I don't really have time to apply to other magazines this year, but sometimes it's good to have time to think.  So I've been thinking, I've been thinking about what sorts of patterns submit and for what sessions.

I've decided to start gathering ideas for next fall and winter and creating the sketches for each as well as a list of information such as yarn requirements, gauge, etc.  Then, next year I'll be able to create the submissions when I see a call that matches what I have.  Admittedly this limits the number of submissions I can make as I'll only be applying when there's a good fit rather than creating something in response to a particular call but I think it's a good next step.  I'm well on my way to achieving my goal of publishing four patterns this year, I like having something to work towards.  It gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment because there's a moment of "ahh, it is done" which is a fantastic contrast to things like laundry or keeping the kitchen floor clean which are never-ending,

Friday, 24 July 2015


The sweater is coming along, the first sleeve is done and the second will be started today.  I ended up simplifying the lace pattern and omitting some other things I was going to include, and I'm really happy about the decision.  It looks lovely the way it is, and resisting the temptation to put all the pretty things into one sweater was the right decision.  It would have been way too busy if the lace edging and the other lace panel I was thinking of adding were included as well.

I've got most of the math for this size done, I just need to write out the instructions for the button band and the picot edging that I've put along the trim, as I want it around the neckline too.  It's just enough.  I'm looking forward to seeing it on Ada, but she'll need to grow a little first.  I have a few patterns that are either almost written up or just waiting for photos and I'm planning a photo shoot in September to take them, and she should fit the sweater beautifully by then.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Love this sweater

Ada's sweater is going well, it's a top-down raglan and I'm past the armpits (and the increases) and I've finally got all the charting worked out and I absolutely love it.  I'm planning to add this pattern to the ones I have for sale and I keep thinking about the amount of work that it's going to be to adjust it to other sizes.  Thus far, all of my patterns have been just one size so that will be something new.  I'm a bit nervous because it seems like it would be really easy to make errors in the math, and since I'm not planning on test knitting it in every size it seems like it would be harder to catch those mistakes.  Normally I write the pattern as I go or before hand, meaning I usually find any mistakes as I go, and there are only a couple.  But a couple is two more than I want.

I have a friend with lots of technical writing experience who's also great at math and knitting who offered to help me a while ago, and I think it might be time to ask for her help with this one.  I'm excited though, the sweater is absolutely beautiful.  It's in yarn leftover from a sweater I made Caleb, he hasn't worn it in months because it's really for the dead of winter, but even at the very start of me knitting this project, before it resembled a sweater at all he kept pointing to it and saying "mine."  I think it's cool that he recognizes it, and that he seems to know the yarn becomes something else.  Kids' minds are so cool.

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Ada finally had a nap where she didn't want to be held the entire time.  I thought about doing housework and laundry and decided to knit, it was a really really good decision. I spent an hour just doing things I enjoy for me and when she needed to be held an hour later I enjoyed holding her, because I really do love the baby snuggles too.   I took out some books from the library and cuddled her as I read, it was so nice. The house is trashed, but I don't care, I feel so much better.

The sweater I'm making her has been majorly frustrating.  There were just a bunch of stupid mistakes where I was trying to knit while other things were going on, and the knitting looked like about what you'd expect from a sleep deprived brain that was multi-tasking.  I also think there was a minor error in the stitch dictionary I was using, either that or I'm having serious trouble reading which is a distinct possibility, my dyslexia is only a major problem when I'm tired and with a baby my reading skills have taken a temporary dip.

I think I'm on the right track with the sweater.

Monday, 13 July 2015

A bit smoothering

I love my children.  The last two weeks it's seemed like Ada will only nap in my arms (not even the baby carrier) which means that I get to choose between getting things done during Caleb's nap and  after he's in bed but feeling bad because she's upset and sitting there cuddling her for 6 hours a day.  I love baby snuggles but sometimes I just need to be able to put away the dishes or laundry, or even just knit.  To do something that isn't because someone else needs me.

I keep telling myself it's just a phase, but really I wish I could spread out the baby snuggles over the next decade and have a little more time where they'll play on their own now.

Friday, 10 July 2015


We spent time with my in-laws last weekend which meant I actually got some knitting it, both on the car ride and while there.  I'm almost done Ada's stocking, but have discovered a couple typos in the pattern which is so frustrating.  I hate finding errors in patterns I've purchased and despite going over them before putting mine on Ravelry I've totally sold a pattern with mistakes.  So this afternoon I'll hopefully get Ada down for a nap long enough to finish correcting the pattern and getting the errata up on Ravelry.

I am, however, quite please about my progress and am looking forward to her sweater, which is my next project.  I managed to swatch and do the math a while ago so it's just sitting there waiting to be started.  I am going to finish knitting the stocking first (no promises about the finishing touches though).

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Not a lot of knitting

Since Joshua has gone back to work I've basically only been able to knit in the car.  It seems my evenings and the kids' nap times are always busy, which is okay, I like them and things will settle down as time goes on, but there are so many interesting things I want to knit.  I am making good progress on the stocking, though, I'm on the foot!

Today I put Ada down in her bouncy chair and turned my back for a minute (I didn't go anywhere).  She gave a little yell and I turned out, only to find out she was no longer anywhere near the chair (she's 6 weeks old, and didn't go anywhere on her own accord).  There was a split second of panic until my almost-two year old proudly said, "Help, play" from the next room.  She was lying on her play mat.

I really love that he loves his sister.  I really need him not to pick her up.

Friday, 3 July 2015

That went well

Joshua's bak at work and I thought I wouldn't plan anything too ambitious for this week, I figured I'd ease into being alone with the two kids.  I have easy dinners planned and my only appointment was with my midwife.  I apparently got the date wrong and ended up with the car and nothing to do, and I'm not sure what came over me but I concluded that the best thing to do would be to take both children to a fun-farm.

Caleb was super well behaved, Ada liked being in her baby carrier, we had an excellent time.  When we got home Caleb went right to sleep, Ada is hanging out on her activity mat, and I am working on my to do list.

Next, grocery shopping.