Friday, 24 July 2015


The sweater is coming along, the first sleeve is done and the second will be started today.  I ended up simplifying the lace pattern and omitting some other things I was going to include, and I'm really happy about the decision.  It looks lovely the way it is, and resisting the temptation to put all the pretty things into one sweater was the right decision.  It would have been way too busy if the lace edging and the other lace panel I was thinking of adding were included as well.

I've got most of the math for this size done, I just need to write out the instructions for the button band and the picot edging that I've put along the trim, as I want it around the neckline too.  It's just enough.  I'm looking forward to seeing it on Ada, but she'll need to grow a little first.  I have a few patterns that are either almost written up or just waiting for photos and I'm planning a photo shoot in September to take them, and she should fit the sweater beautifully by then.

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