Friday, 10 July 2015


We spent time with my in-laws last weekend which meant I actually got some knitting it, both on the car ride and while there.  I'm almost done Ada's stocking, but have discovered a couple typos in the pattern which is so frustrating.  I hate finding errors in patterns I've purchased and despite going over them before putting mine on Ravelry I've totally sold a pattern with mistakes.  So this afternoon I'll hopefully get Ada down for a nap long enough to finish correcting the pattern and getting the errata up on Ravelry.

I am, however, quite please about my progress and am looking forward to her sweater, which is my next project.  I managed to swatch and do the math a while ago so it's just sitting there waiting to be started.  I am going to finish knitting the stocking first (no promises about the finishing touches though).

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