Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Not a lot of knitting

Since Joshua has gone back to work I've basically only been able to knit in the car.  It seems my evenings and the kids' nap times are always busy, which is okay, I like them and things will settle down as time goes on, but there are so many interesting things I want to knit.  I am making good progress on the stocking, though, I'm on the foot!

Today I put Ada down in her bouncy chair and turned my back for a minute (I didn't go anywhere).  She gave a little yell and I turned out, only to find out she was no longer anywhere near the chair (she's 6 weeks old, and didn't go anywhere on her own accord).  There was a split second of panic until my almost-two year old proudly said, "Help, play" from the next room.  She was lying on her play mat.

I really love that he loves his sister.  I really need him not to pick her up.

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