Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Love this sweater

Ada's sweater is going well, it's a top-down raglan and I'm past the armpits (and the increases) and I've finally got all the charting worked out and I absolutely love it.  I'm planning to add this pattern to the ones I have for sale and I keep thinking about the amount of work that it's going to be to adjust it to other sizes.  Thus far, all of my patterns have been just one size so that will be something new.  I'm a bit nervous because it seems like it would be really easy to make errors in the math, and since I'm not planning on test knitting it in every size it seems like it would be harder to catch those mistakes.  Normally I write the pattern as I go or before hand, meaning I usually find any mistakes as I go, and there are only a couple.  But a couple is two more than I want.

I have a friend with lots of technical writing experience who's also great at math and knitting who offered to help me a while ago, and I think it might be time to ask for her help with this one.  I'm excited though, the sweater is absolutely beautiful.  It's in yarn leftover from a sweater I made Caleb, he hasn't worn it in months because it's really for the dead of winter, but even at the very start of me knitting this project, before it resembled a sweater at all he kept pointing to it and saying "mine."  I think it's cool that he recognizes it, and that he seems to know the yarn becomes something else.  Kids' minds are so cool.

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