Monday, 15 August 2016

Figuring Things Out

I finished the knitting for my magazine commission, the pieces are blocked and drying now.  I'm making matching mittens out of the leftover yarn, by reversing the MC and CC I have enough for a pair.  It's working out well since this means I won't be adding a random amount of wool to my stash that's not enough to make anything but a pair of mittens (maybe a hat, but that's doubtful).  I can't get more of the yarn without special ordering it from England and while it is really nice yarn there's no reason to order more of this yarn compared to buying something from my LYS.  Plus, having another item in the set means it should (I hope) sell more when the rights revert to me and I get to sell the pattern myself.

I'm realizing what comes naturally to me a a designer is knitting through the pattern as I write it, whereas what works best for me as a mom with little kids is knitting a pattern that's already written.  I usually am knitting in between other things and don't usually have the time to stop and figure out things on the go, and I'm trying to figure out how to balance those things so I'm less frustrated.  It drives me crazy when I come to a point where I have to work something out to keep going and I can't because that would require 5 minutes of quiet which is just not going to happen with a three year old who is convinced he is a space ship engineer who needs to do something to the toaster and a one year old who's obsessed with sticking balls in her big brother's fire truck.  They are pretty entertaining, though.

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