Thursday, 11 August 2016


My grandfather, Bumpa, died this past weekend and today we are driving to Toronto so we can go to his funeral.  He was a wonderful man, kind and compassionate.  He had a computer when I was little, and we would play Tetris and Pipe dream on it, as well as a game called Chip's Challenge.  He would sit me on his lap and we'd play, probably starting when I was about the age Caleb is now.  He thought the long bars in Tetris should be placed horizontally because that makes up a lot of a row but I always seemed to need them to fill in some vertical gap I'd created.  He was an engineer, and proud of his profession.  He did suggest that I should stay away from the engineers while in university, I didn't follow his advice but he adored my husband.  Caleb and Ada were his only great-grandchildren and their visits went well even despite of his dementia.  I'm hoping the children will be relatively quite for the funeral (I have stickers, books, and more snacks than they normally eat in a week so I should be okay).

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