Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It DOES matter, really it does

A while ago I fell in love with a pattern on Ravelry.  It was a beautiful shawl, I bought the appropriate weight yarn and started knitting, using needles that the yarn recommended.  The pattern said that gauge wasn't super-important since it was a shawl and any ball you bought would have far more than you needed.  Fair enough, I thought, and off I went.

After I had about half of it done I realized things were looking a little small.  I messaged the designer, who said it was impossible for her to measure gauge since hers had been blocked and that it really didn't matter.  (The entire point is to know blocked gauge, but anyways...).  I pulled it out today, and really, if I ever finished it the thing would be perfect for a cabbage patch doll.  It is just not going to happen, and the thought of reknitting the thing at a bigger gauge is enough to drive me nuts so clearly this yarn is destined to be something else.

I put in the yarn specifications into Ravelry and was looking at patterns and Bonny showed up on the list.  The pattern I wrote about in my last post about how it's amazing and perfect and totally doesn't make sense for me to knit because I'm having a baby this summer and one of my best friends is knitting it and that would look silly if we wore it to the same thing which would totally end up happening.  It's the right weight yarn and more than enough yardage for any size I would ever be (assuming that baby number two doesn't magically make my chest size bump up to an F cup or something ridiculous but I'm fairly confident that won't happen).  This yarn is also the same colour as the yarn my dear friend bought for her version of Bonny.

I sort of feel like I'm 15 saying "but I can't have it because she does."  Would it look silly for two knitters to have the same tank top in the same colour?  Would it?

Please weigh in.  Because I don't know what to do.

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