Friday, 20 March 2015

Getting there

I was hoping to have the squares done so I could block them for last night so I can take them to my knitting group tomorrow where a friend is going to teach me to crochet them together.  Alas I have one more to make and 5 to weave the ends in.  It's okay though, I'm quite pleased with my progress and they'll be done for next week's meeting.

In other news we've finally got Caleb's big boy room ready and moved him, it seems to have gone relatively well, most of the time he goes to sleep in a decent amount of time.  The only problem is he gets out of bed and sleeps in his closet.  I can't figure out why, all his stuffed animals are in the bed (like they were in the crib), there's a side on it so he can't fall out, he can easily get in and out of it by the foot of the bed, and he'll lounge there while I'm in the room.  On one hand this seems like a minor problem, on the other I feel bad that he's camping out on the floor in his closet.

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