Thursday, 26 February 2015


I was a bit worried that the blanket wouldn't be done on time.  I'm 27 weeks pregnant now and that means my due date is 13 weeks away, but I figure I should have the blanket done by 37 weeks just in case the baby comes early.  I have no reason to suspect it will, but I always get a bit nervous cutting it close on deadlines.  The other night I was lying in bed and was seriously concerned about the fact that I want the blanket to be 3' square, which means I need 36 squares, which means 4 a week and that leaves me an extra week to seam them together and crochet the border.

The fact that I have been working on a blanket out of sock yarn with 2.25mm needles might have coloured my idea of how long this would take.  This yarn, however, is quite chunky and I've made 6 squares (I'm almost done the seventh) in the last 4 days.  My yarn isn't quite as variegated as the yarn for the dots in the original pop blanket, so I'm contemplating reversing the main colour and contrastign colour for half of the squares and assembling it in a checker-board pattern.

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