Tuesday, 10 February 2015


So the 10 rounds a day thing totally worked, it was done.  If I had set out to finish it in 5 days, never would have happened, but since there was about 50 rounds to go when I decided to do ten rounds a day, it did happen, and now I just need to weave in the ends and sew in the lining.  I'm quite happy about this.

I normally have two things on the needles at once, one interesting and one plain (to be taken places or done at times where the fussy knitting isn't going to get enough attention).  At the moment I have the blanket (plain) and the mother's day presents (plain), which means something more interesting is in order.  I think I might have decided on the pattern for this baby's blanket, however that requires buying yarn and that requires me to wait for the current month's credit card statement to be issued.  I absolutely will not put more on my card than is in the budget to pay it off in a month and getting Caleb's new room ready required a dresser and a shelf and that took up the wiggle room in this month's budget.  I'm okay with that, good things come to those who wait, and let me tell you not having credit card debt and meeting our financial goals are a very very good thing.

So I'm going to have to come up with something interesting to knit with my stash.  This is getting more and more difficult, mainly because I keep doing it which both uses up my stash-busting knitting ideas as well as the available yarn.  But I kind of like it, because that makes it sort of like a puzzle, and I like puzzles (but not the jigsaw kind, those drive me nuts, possibly because they involve sitting still AND not knitting).

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