Tuesday, 24 February 2015


The new baby's blanket will be Pop! by TinCanKnits.  I love the design and am happily making the squares.  Initially I thought I had lots of time and then I realized that I'm in my third trimester and should probably get cracking.  I think if I make 4 squares a week I'll be fine, and the squares are knitting up faster than I expected.   I started on Sunday evening and already have three.  This week's been nuts already with frozen pipes, which is particularily spectacular when they occur in the laundry room and I use cloth diapers.  Thankfully my parents live in town and came to get us and let me take over their laundry room for the day.  The pipes are unfrozen and our home's warranty people have a plan that seems reasonable.  This does mean that my to do list from yesterday is shot and I need to get a million things done during Caleb's nap.

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