Saturday, 7 February 2015

Just 10 a day

I have been making a pair of mittens for a friend.  I love how the pattern looks, and it's knitting up exactly like I pictured, I just keep making stupid mistakes that require me to undo things and do parts again.  I have the first mitten done and would like to be able to give it to her the Sunday after this one so she'll actually get to wear them when it's still winter.  I've resolved to do at least 10 rounds a day which is working beautifully.  There's something about having an out that makes it easier to keep going and the fact that I'm making fewer mistakes on the second mitten is helping too.

My plan is going well, and I'm almost at the point where I attach the thumb (the mittens are worked top-down).  I will have a ton of ends to weave in and the linings to sew in but I should be done the actually knitting by Friday.  I'm actually starting to like this project again.

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