Friday, 20 February 2015

Not knitting but pretty cute

Caleb has had some issues with diaper rash, and I thought if we could work on toilet training that might help.  Not necessarily completely toilet-trained and able to independently able to use the bathroom, but better at communicating when he might be about to go or that he's wet.

So I went out to get training pants, they were something we all had when I was little, I figured there would be lots and some of them would be a reasonable price.  I found some at Walmart that were two for $6 and pretty cute so I bought those, but when I brought them home and took them out of the package the part between the legs was only about 1.5" wide (about half as wide as they should be).  They were hopeless, thankfully they had a satisfaction guarantee so I got my money back.  When I started looking at other ones I found most brands run $17-25 per pair here in Canada, and given that I want to have 8-10 that is insane.

A little internet searching later I came across this pattern and went off to fabric land.  I had fleece and old t-shirts laying around the house so bought some water-proof backed fabric and blue fabric for $45 and sat down to work.  It turns out I could have bought about half the fabric for what I want but that's fine.  I've got 3 done and 5 more being cut out and I love them.  Caleb even likes wearing them and will sometimes tell me that he's wet them (for which he gets a big "well done" as communication is basically what I was going for.)

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