Tuesday, 17 February 2015


The other day I was on Ravelry and was excited to see that someone who'd bought one of my patterns had entered it as a project with pictures.  Then I saw what they said, which was that the pattern was super-pretty (yay!) but badly written (sad!).  I found that quite demoralizing but went and ate some chocolate (first step in making things better) then made a plan (second step in making things better).

The plan involves the following:
1. Read up on technical editing and knitting patterns.

2. Compare my typed tea cozy pattern to other similar patterns to see if there are spots where I'm being unclear while others are being succinct (I figure it makes sense to start with the next one to get published).

3.  Repeat step two with my already published Christmas stocking pattern and upload an errata/corrected version.

4.  Have some more chocolate.

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