Thursday, 29 January 2015

They're actually screwdrivers

Ever since Caleb saw Joshua and I assembling one of his Christmas presents he's become obsessed with screwdrivers and screwing things in.  Apparently, I have been mistaken about the purpose of my knitting needles; they aren't actually knitting needles, they're screwdrivers, and must be used for tightening all the screws on his toys.

It's very very cute and he even attempts to say please when he asks for them.  We've spent hours over the last couple of weeks "tightening" everything.  He doesn't often stay still long enough to really give cuddles but there have been a number of times that he' just sat on my lap while we work on his toys, and that is so worth the fact that he keeps tangling my yarn. There's nothing sweeter than cuddles from my little guy.

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