Friday, 16 January 2015

A Tea Cozy Story

The other night my husband made a comment about how the tea cozy I'm making kind of resembled a hat and a story that I still can't believe is actually true came back to me.

There was a guy at church who wanted me to knit him something, I often will knit people something when they ask (but not always), and decided I'd make him a tea cozy, I figured that was adequately impersonal so as to avoid giving the impression there was anything going on between us.  It was a simple one that has holes for the spout and the handle.

The next week his roommate complimented me on the hat I had made for him.  We stood there in the hall as I said, "but I didn't make him a hat, I made him a tea cozy."  Isak looked at me and told me that made sense, he was wondering about the holes.

I did make sure the guy knew it was a tea cozy, he said he knew, but liked it better as a hat.

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