Friday, 2 January 2015

And quiet

The last four weeks have been insanely busy.  We have done a ton of work, and had many many great times.  Today, though, things have returned to normal.  My husband is at work, my son is napping, a load is in the laundry and for the next hour there will be quiet (and possibly a chocolate milkshake).

I havebeen working on the tea cozy, which I'm thrilled with, but the decreases at the top are placed in a way that makes it funny-shaped and I'll have to rip it out.  That's fine, but not exactly what I had in mind for a relaxing time, so I'll work on the blanket, which I continue to be delighted with.  I picked up the dpns I need to finish the top of the tea cozy, which is nice.

I have some mittens for a friend to make sometime this month, and a thrum mitten set I've been ignoring for quite some time which may or may not get pulled out of the stash.  I want to make a blanket for this little one, so they each have one, and this pregnancy is going much more quickly than Caleb's did.  (I do realize that they're both the same length but I can't for the life of me figure out how it's half over already).  Other than make the baby blanket I just need to set up Caleb's big boy room and organize the baby things, which is manageable.  I bought Caleb's mattress today and will order the paint next week.  I don't know what baby blanket pattern I'll use.  My husband's been on the computer for work so much I've barely used it (hence the lack of blog posts), and my phone's inadequate for pattern picking on Ravelry.

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