Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tea Cozy Progress

I've been ignoring the tea cozy lately, mostly because I've hit a snag and what I really wanted to do was knit and not rip back and then problem solve.  However, I do really want to finish the actual pattern and moving forward on this is the last thing in this week's to do list.

The tea cozy had two problems, it was too tall and the decreases looked terrible.  I had eight decreases each round, made up of four pairs evenly spaced.  This made it look very square (mostly because, it was a square from the top, I could have predicted that had I taken the time to think about it), and no matter how I tried I had ladders between each two decreases.

I have ripped back and have plans to re-knit it with more decreases that are further apart from one another, sort of like how many hats decrease at the top.  I'm hoping this will give me a fetching spiral sort of look.  Technically this will make it a circle, and the general shape of tea pots is more like an oval (this cozy will go over the handle and spout rather than have holes for them), but I think that it will be forgiving enough to still look nice.  Time will tell.

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