Monday, 19 January 2015

The funny thing about the way it goes

I really enjoy the Yarn Harlot, particularly the fact that her books never fail to make me laugh.  I was thrilled when my copy of her latest finally came to the library, I'd been on the holds list for months and was happy to finally get the chance to read it.  There was one essay that really hit home for me, where she was talking about going to a writer's group.  Basically, she was recounting a time when she went to a group and everyone there was complaining about the fact that they weren't inspired to write, and couldn't write unless they were, and contrasted that with her discipline of setting a daily word count and sticking to it.  

I can relate to that, I get patterns done by working on them, and sometimes I do really feel inspired and excited by what I'm working on.  Sometimes, things aren't working out how I want them to and I feel like walking away.  Sometimes there are boring parts, like reviewing and editing the pattern after it's been typed.  Some of those times I don't feel inspired, but I keep going.  And sometimes I feel a little bit disingenuous, because I feel like the fact that I'm slogging away at something that I really do feel is art is somehow a betrayal, that art shouldn't ever feel like pushing through a boundary.  

In the essay she points out that of all the people at this writer's group that day, she was the only one who had been published.  She pointed out that all jobs have their boring parts, and doing them is what allows you to do the interesting parts as a job.  I like that.

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