Thursday, 29 May 2014

Almost Didn't Make It

I'm making a shawl, it's a beautiful yarn that I had left over from a sweater I started years ago.  The sweater is beautiful, it is also too small but it was so much work I can't bring myself to give it away.  I've decided to keep it until I'm done having children, if I have a daughter she'll have a beautiful complicated sweater that will fit like a charm when she's about 10.  (I'm fairly small, but not quite small enough to get into it, blocking helped but not enough.)

I have a ton of yarn left over and when my knitting group decided to do a knit-along I thought it would be perfect, it's the blue the colour of the Caribbean Sea and the pattern is supposed be like waves.  It has a ton of stockinette and then the lace at the edges.  My yarn was a bit thinner than the pattern called for and the shawl's finished measurements were a bit smaller than I would have liked so I did the math, figured out how many stitches I should increase to before starting the lace if I wanted a few more repeats across and went at it.

It was going swimmingly (water themed pun, anyone?) for a while and then it got kind of boring.  Very boring in fact.  So boring that it felt like it hurt to keep going, which was particularly frustrating because this happened when I was 5 rows away from the lace.  I took a break to swatch for some mitts I wanted to make Caleb and resumed slogging through.

I made it, and the lace is so much more interesting.

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