Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Best Laid Plans

I am pretty Type A.  I have lists for everything, including a queue of things to knit.  It's peculiar but I almost never follow it.  Sure, some things on that list get knit, but there are always sidetracks and random projects that come out of left field.

Before the knitting group last week my plan looked like this.

1.  Finish Caleb's sweater
2.  Make Caleb a hat and mitt set out of the leftover yarn
3.  Make my friend Catherine a tea cozy.
4.  Make Caleb another sweater.

Then one lady shows up with a really pretty shawlette and now my plan looks like this.

1.  Finish Caleb's swea---I have yarn for that shawl... hmmm...
2.  Wait, what?

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