Friday, 16 May 2014


Up until moving got crazy I used to go to a moms' group twice a week, the songs were annoying and I'd spent the rest of the week cursing the fact that a song that went "flitter-flutter, flitter-flutter" over and over and over again was stuck in my head but regularly hanging out with other adults was so worth it.  There was something about those meetings that kept me sane.

There's nothing like that within walking distance of our new house (that I know of).  If I drive Joshua to work I can take the car for the day but that disrupts Caleb's naps so the payoff of having it has to be pretty good for me to want to do that.  Half an hour of annoying songs wasn't quite cutting it.

Joshua was picking up some Debbie Bliss books I had on hold on the way home from work last week.  When the librarians noticed he was getting knitting books they immediately asked him who in the family knits and does that person have plans Tuesday afternoons.  There's a "crafternoon" at the library on Tuesday and they were open to having a 9 month old join them.  (I love the name, it's dorky but awesome.)  So this Tuesday we went and I spent an hour with adults who like to talk about knitting.   There was tea, chocolate, and maracas (the maracas were what occupied Caleb while I talked with adults, amazing.)

I love knitting librarians.

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