Wednesday, 7 May 2014

That awkward point

Caleb's sweater is on the last part of knitting, the trim around the hood and front, which means that soon I'll be sewing it rather than knitting, which means I need to get another project on the needles soon, so I'll have something to knit.  As much as I love the planning part of projects there's something about it that I sometimes find a bit irritating, and I was contemplating this the other day and I think I've figured out what it is:  Sometimes I just want to knit.  Not swatch, measure, draw, and do math (though I love those things too), but knit, which means that by the time one project is ready to be made up I want the next one started so I can just sit and knit if I want to.

With this in mind I began organizing my next project which will be a hat and mitt set for Caleb, I have the yarn and the stitch pattern all picked out and just need to research the measurements I need (it's for the winter so measuring Caleb's head now is of limited use) and swatch.  I got the measurements this morning from here and went to swatch when I realized I can't find my stitch dictionary.  I can find Volumes 1, 3, and 4.  Unfortunately the stitch pattern I had picked out is in volume 2.  I've looked through the house but still can't find the thing, which means I have to wait until my husband gets home (he's like The Finder, that show was amazing.)

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