Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I've mentioned before that while I love knitting and designing getting the patterns typed up, formatted nicely, and then putting everything together with the photos definitely feels like work to me.  It could be that will change in the future, I used to hate finishing and now, while not my favourite part, it's something I don't mind at all and maybe eventually this will feel like that.

At the moment though, it's work, which is why I'm incredibly proud to have four patterns solidly on their way to be ready to put up on Ravelry.  Three are for Christmas stockings.  Yes, I know, it's May, this just means that in the fall when people are starting to think about Christmas they will be totally ready.  I made them last year but have procrastinated about typing them up.  I was feeling guilty about that and then I realized that in the last 6 months we have sold our house and moved, which is difficult at the best of times and having a baby around complicates things and I really have accomplished a lot.  I'm trying to be more generous with myself.

The fourth pattern is for a beautiful hat and mitt set for Caleb.  It's not the one I decided wasn't going to work, I have plans to make two sets, because children either loose or soak through mitts and hats so it's good to have a spare set.  I have swatched, and typed up things and am almost ready to start making them and I am so so so pleased with the project already.

It feels good to get stuff done.

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