Thursday, 2 February 2017

Change of plans

My husband was going to see some friends Tuesday night while I stayed home and worked on knitting patterns.  I'd have three hours of uninterrupted quite time when I was the only person awake, I was going to have tea, chocolate, and progress.

After we put the kids to bed I looked at my husband and said I was cold (nothing unusual there), then he said he was cold too, which is odd considering the man is practically a human furnace.  At this point we discovered the actual furnace was broken, it was going to be several hours until the emergency repair guy could come, the temperature was dropping, and he probably would need parts not in his truck so it likely wouldn't be fixed until morning anyways.

I spent the evening relocating children to my parents' house while my wonderful husband wrapped himself in an electric blanket and dealt with the repair man.  Needless to say, progress didn't happen.

Now, I was momentarily really upset about this when I happened to look at the news and remembered that there are lots of people that have some pretty serious problems and a problem that involves a loss of productivity, a 15 minute drive in a warm SUV, and sleeping in warm comfortable beds that are not our own isn't really a big deal.  I have some catching up to do but we're pretty blessed.

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