Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Looking up

We haven't had any disasters in the last couple days, the kids are being normal children (so mischievous but not terrors), my knitting tests are going well, one person left a really nice comment on my sweater project page and someone else wants to be earburned when it's released.  Also, I am about to go eat some ice cream.  I am having a really good day.

I've been knitting mostly on the blanket recently but I've decided it's time to knit something fun.  I had a hat planned, swatched, and realized that what I was thinking isn't going to work.  Then I decided on mittens, there's a chart I made for a submission I sent in a couple weeks ago that I could use except then I'd have to keep the whole thing under wraps until the real design is rejected or published.  I should hear any day but I might just make the mittens, and keep them as secret mittens if the magazine does buy the pattern.

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