Thursday, 23 February 2017


I've been working on grading (writing out the instructions for each size) this pattern for a while, it seems like it's going well then suddenly I hit a roadblock.  I finally figured out the last one and got past it only to discover there's something funny about the armholes.  I have the sample, it fits perfectly so the original instructions are fine.  But my spreadsheet isn't lining up with the instructions, there has to be some wonky typo somewhere that's throwing everything off.  It's taking way longer than I had originally planned, but the yarn I'm waiting for is delayed so I have time to work on it and I think I'll still be able to meet my goal for when I want it to be released.

In other news I released a new pattern this week, it's something I liked but a magazine rejected.  I'd already made the sample though, it's such a small project that a swatch seemed silly when I could knit the entire tiny bowl myself.  It's already sold twice and I'm pleased as punch.

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