Monday, 6 February 2017

Crunch Time

I've been trying to catch up on my submissions, there's one more open one I really want to submit to and I have some of the work done.  It's due later this week and I have a lot to do, I'm hoping to get the drawings and at least one swatch today.  The write ups and other swatches tomorrow.  Here's hoping it all comes together.

I was a bit frusterated last week, I got a bunch of rejections and no one wanted to test knit my sweater.  But in the last few days  a couple people have joined the test (gloriously, they are different sizes to each other and to me which helps with yardage estimates plus shows the sweater in different sizes) and I've had a few individual pattern sales which was encouraging.

I'm trying to plow through which means that I'm off to chart my swatches, hopefully I'll have the charts done so I can swatch while I wait for an appointment later today!

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