Saturday, 26 December 2015

The great undoing

Close to a decade ago I bought some beautiful yarn, it was the brightest beautiful blue and it was to be a sweater.  It was around eighty dollars, I remember it being a lot especially since I was in school but it was good quality and I was in love with it.   I knit the sweater, a stunning lace pattern that I still think is breathtaking.  

The sweater was too small.  It was meant to be fitted but it didn't close and the arms were too tight and I couldn't bear to re-knit it since at the time it was rather challenging.  I just couldn't face doing it again.  I also couldn't face throwing it out or giving it away so it has stayed with me, through four moves, getting married, and having children.  Last year I knit some of the leftovers into a shawl but I didn't really love that, so the shawl joined the sweater and the still-leftover yarn in its bag and they sat there together and waited.

On Christmas Day Tin Can Knits released a new sweater pattern, Flax Light.  It's made of sock yarn, and I love it.  I sat looking at it while thinking about the fact that I have a lot of yarn and that I even have yarn for a top from Tin Can Knits waiting to be knit (but that's Bonny which is a summer top), and that I didn't really need to go and buy yarn.

Then I had an epiphany.  I had a sweater's worth of yarn in the right weight in a colour I love, the yarn is just in a sweater.  So today I have been sitting unpicking the seams then winding the yarn (my ball winder makes it go much faster than it would have otherwise).  I just need to do the two sleeves.

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