Thursday, 31 December 2015

Doing it Right

I've got most of the old sweater undone, I still have a sleeve to go but it was an annoying job and I have more than enough to start.  So I swatched for the new sweater and quickly determined I didn't have the right needles, I did some math and figured I could fudge it by knitting the numbers of stitches of one of the smaller sizes with the needles I did have and if I did the math right it would end up my size.

Then I had a moment of wisdom where I realized it would look better at the gauge suggested and it would be worth waiting until I had time to go to the store.  So I waited and managed to pick up the needles yesterday.  It is so much faster doing errands when you leave the kids in the car!  (Don't worry, my husband was also in the car.)  It meant I spent less than five minutes in the yarn shop, has to be a record.

I have cast on and am on the ribbing, but I'm in no rush.  This project with have miles of stockinette so I'll take the ribbing while it's here.

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