Monday, 21 December 2015

Such a great feeling

So apparently it's not allowed to sell patterns on Ravelry that are comprised of other patterns also on Ravelry unless the compilation is sold as an eBook.  I guess I missed that when I originally added the group of Christmas stockings, and a completely lovely volunteer editor has been helping me sort it out.  

Can I just say that volunteer editors are awesome?  It boggles my mind that this lovely person is spending their free time helping to maintain Ravelry which is such a blessing to me.

That being said sorting the entire process out has been somewhat frustrating because the process of adding and selling an eBook has been (at least to me) completely unintuitive.  But I figured it out and I am so happy and so satisfied that I did a little dance here in the office all by myself.  

This last thing means that every single one of the goals I set for myself at the start of the year has been completed, which is  such a great feeling.

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