Monday, 14 December 2015

A Little Christmas Ornament

I saw somewhere (probably on Pinterest) a picture of a little bit of knitting on toothpicks in a glass Christmas ornament.  I loved the idea and I made one but it was a bit boring.  I thought it would be better if it had a little colourwork motif but since it was going to be in a glass ball I didn't really want to have the wrong side there.  I'd seen knit fabric where both sides were the right side but didn't know how to make it.  So I got out my harmony guides (a great knitting series, by the way, I got them for Christmas one year and use them often), and found the page that explained how to make reversible squares and then extrapolated to make a snowflake chart.

A wiser person might have actually spent some time practising on the squares before spending an hour tearing out her hair while attempting to figure out how to chart something she'd never done before but for the life of me I can't seem to get over my habit of doing things the hard way.  Anyways I now have this:

I am very pleased.  So pleased that I've charted out five other designs and am planning on making a set of six.  I've already gotten another knitted (but not stuffed into the ball), and am so very happy with it.

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