Thursday, 17 December 2015


I bought some very colourful yarn on my trip to Vermont this fall and have been working on a pair of mittens.  They're very plain mittens in terms of the actual knitting.  Stockinette stitch with a peasant thumb.  I'm knitting them top-down, it's my favourite way to make mittens since the thumbs are first instead of last but other than that they're what you'd expect.  I'm really enjoying them, I love how the yarn is knitting there's just so much colour condensed into one place, really saturated colour and I'm loving them.

I'm also really enjoying the fact that I'm knitting and not needing to write up a pattern and focus on being really clear, it's a nice mental break.  

The other thing I'm making are these Christmas ornaments which are turning out great.  That pattern will need to be photographed and written up because I'm so in love with how they look, and they're a perfect gift for a knitter at Christmas and a great  (and quick) way to incorporate knitting into holiday decor that I want to make that pattern available.  I need to finish the knitting before my parents take their tree down (we only have a mini tree because I can put it away from where little hands can reach it and my dad does my photos for me).  I originally thought it would be tight but I'm on the sixth and last one, then I just need to weave in ends which is easy.  

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