Friday, 1 August 2014

It's just the thing

It seems like I'm forever starting new projects because the one I'm on is at a fussy phase that's not good for knitting group or watching TV.  I don't mind having a couple of things on the needles at once but it's more fun to start something because I want to than to start something just so I have something to knit.

I was thinking about this and then thought about how the Yarn Harlot always seems to have a pair of plain vanilla socks on the needles, and I had this epiphany that those vanilla socks, or something like them, is what I needed; something that I could always work on but without necessarily having a deadline, something I could knit when I got to the fussy parts of other projects but wanted to knit something simple.

I'm not a huge fan of knitting socks, I don't mind them but I don't love them (I think it's because no one gets to see them...).  I was also thinking about the fact that it would be best if whatever I choose could use up some of my stash because I have all these balls of yarn that are leftover from other projects and are taking up space for no good reason.

I was looking on Ravelry and I came accross a pattern for a baby blanket that I made for a friend a couple of years ago.  It's this, and it's absolutely perfect.  It only has 20 stitches on the needle at the time, so I don't need long needles, it's simple but not boring, I can use a bunch of different yarns to use up my scraps, and when I run out of scraps in the right weight I can just buy a couple of balls at a time.

I've started and I'm loving the way it's knitting up.  The narrow stripes really show off the self-striping yarns and I love the way the various colours look together.

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