Monday, 11 August 2014

Funny how they don't write themselves

I've said I wanted to have several patterns done for the fall.  I've done a fair amount of work on them this summer.  I have five finished objects and one almost finished object.  The charts are done but need to be tweaked and a good amount of the pattern information has been typed.  Mostly it's editing and other finishing touches, plus the photos.

It's amazing how time flies.  This summer has been crazy and amazing and I can hardly believe where we are.  A year ago things were really busy, because we had a newborn, who is now a little boy.  Nine months ago we were getting our last home ready to sell, and working long hours to make it happen.  Six months ago we were keeping everything perfect for showings.  Four months ago I was packing while Joshua was at work, and we moved and then I was unpacking.

But now it's like I've been holding my breath for almost a year and I've finally exhaled.  There has been so much pressure over the last year and it's like we've been going with ur heads down through a tunnel and we've finally gotten to the other side.

All that to say, that working on patterns no longer feels like one thing in a list I can never get through, which is so great.

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