Friday, 22 August 2014

Ever so blessed

A couple of weeks ago at crafternoon (which I still think is an awesome name for a knitting group) I was talking about my blanket and one of my friends asked if I had enough scraps to make an entire blanket.  I replied that I didn't think so, but the nature of this blanket means that when I run out I can just buy a ball or two at a time until it's big enough.

Two of them looked at me like I was nuts then told me not to buy yarn, because they had lots and lots of little leftover balls they didn't know what to do with but didn't want to throw out.  I now have one substantial bag of such little balls, which means every time I run out of one colour not only do I get to pick new yarn but I get to pick yarn that's a present.

I don't think the creator of this pattern had any intention of anyone making it in leftover sock yarn and having this much fun, but man do I love this project.

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