Thursday, 14 August 2014

Designing and Planning

Someone bought the pattern I have up on Ravelry, which I'm pretty excited about.  I've been organizing the ones I wanted to release in the fall and I've discovered that somehow my plan for 5 turned into about 10 and I was still trying to get them all ready so the photos could be done together.

Yesterday I had a realization that this plan was not going to work and revised it.  There are six that are almost done, my goal is to have them ready for September.  The others aren't far along that my original timeline is going to work for them, which is fine, they will be ready sometime in the winter.

In the last year I've learned that one key to my sanity is making plans that actually make sense.  Planning to clean the entire house in one day while taking care of a baby?  Not going to happen, so I minds well make goals that are feasible because when goals aren't feasible it's just demoralizing and then I don't want to do anything.  Getting these 6 patterns ready for September is feasible, so that's the goal.  Three are typed, three are typed but need major editing, and one needs just a tiny amount of knitting to be finished, then they need photos.

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