Monday, 28 November 2016

Slow Going

I've been working on a sweater pattern, it will be my first adult sized garment and it's been a very challenging process.  Mostly my challenges have to do with math but I seem to have conquered those.  I've also been working on how to have someone work raglan increases at the same time as neck increases at the same time as irregular stripes without just providing three lists, it seems like combining three sets of instructions while knitting is asking for situations that require frogging.  I've finally hit upon a solution to that one and there are three more things to do standing between me and getting this document to my tech editor.  I plan to do one of those today and one Wednesday (Tuesdays are busy for me).  The third is a formatting thing that isn't challenging but can't be done until I've filled in the text, I'm looking forward to that step.

Wish me luck.

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