Monday, 21 November 2016

A Sweater

I've released patterns for kids' garments before but never an adult one, I'm working on one now.  I'm thrilled at how the sample's turned out and I'm almost done typing up the pattern, I just need to figure out how to explain one last thing in a way that's not clunky and add the basic information like gauge, needles, yardage, etc then it's off for tech editing.

It's been a really challenging process and I'm so thankful to be close to the end.  I *think* I've hit all the major hurdles already.  It's nap time and I have about 15 minutes before my son emerges from his room, then we're going to shovel the snow.  This will be delightful for him.  I like doing stuff with him and the driveway needs to be done.

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