Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Lull

It looks like Old Faithful (my giant blanket made of out sock yarn) and I are going to be spending some time together over the next little while.  It's my project for between my other projects, since it's always ready to be picked up.  I've made it my goal to publish one knitting pattern a month and I have been, but my design to-do list for December is quite full and December is always busy, I don't have time to swatch and do the math for knitting a new design so I will continue to use up all the teeny balls of sock yarn leftover from other projects.

There is one drawback to this project, I've recently discovered.  I'm totally charmed by the Yarn Harlot's tiny Christmas ornaments, and if I hadn't made this blanket I'd have the yarn for them.  It's okay though, I feel like while I would love having the teeny Christmas ornaments she's making that knitting them would slowly drive me insane.  Better stick to the blanket.

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