Monday, 7 March 2016


I reached the halfway point on the baby blanket, I'm working on.  It's knit on the bias, corner to corner, so the halfway point is when I finally stopped increasing but started decreasing.  I don't know how many of stitches are on the needles, but it's a good number, I'd guess between 250 and 300, and starting those decreases felt really good.

I'm really happy with it, it's turning out exactly how I pictured.  It's sort of like an old sampler scarf, but more colour-blocked and a blanket.  I'm hoping to be able to release it in May.  I have to make sure not to become Ravelry friends with the recipient until after the baby shower though.  (I realize that if she looked for me she could probably see it, but the likelihood of her doing that is pretty low, the likelihood of me forgetting about this and finding her is, sadly, possible).

I have a few works in progress that are languishing on the needles, and I want to finish one of them this week.  So hopefully my next post will have a picture of a finished item.

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