Monday, 21 March 2016

Gauge Issues

I really want to make Bonny by TinCan Knits.  I have the pattern and I bought the yarn ages ago.  The thing is, I'm not getting gauge.  Or rather, in order to get gauge I have to use a needle so small the fabric is really dense and there's no way it's going to drape well which is what I love about the pattern in the first place.

I really want this yarn and this pattern to work, but I don't think it will.  The only possibility is if I swatch and get a gauge I like, and run the numbers to see if it would work to knit one of the smaller sizes at the gauge I can get.  I was going to make a small, the pattern lists both an XS and a XXS, which isn't a ton of wiggle room but it's some.  I think I'll likely swatch with the bigger gauge and see if it's a possibility but I'm not really hopeful that it will work.

I just went through the stash and I have two balls of yarn that could work, the purple I definitely have the yardage for.  The orange would be close, and as I like my tops a bit on the long side it's not a great idea to tempt fate.  The alternative would be to buy yarn, which could be really fun, but I'd rather use something I have (namely the yarn I bought for this project).

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