Thursday, 24 March 2016

And I fell off the wagon

Last Saturday I gave up on getting the yarn I had bought for Bonny to get gauge, it's not going to happen.  Clearly the yarn is meant to be something else, and I'll figure that out later.  This Saturday we went to the yarn shop and I picked out stunning soft-as-butter yarn (silk and merino), to use instead.  Caleb came with me, and helped speed things up by insisting that the only acceptable colour was pink.  (It's actually a coral, but he was quite definite that this particular ball was the one for me.)

It's absolutely luscious to knit with and I love everything about this project.

I've been really good about not having too many (for me that's more than 4) projects on the go for ages.   But on Sunday I saw this stunning sweater that needed test knitters and before I really thought about it committed to knit it by April 17th.  It's in sock-yarn.

It should be do-able, but that's pretty much all I can knit right now, and I took a number of swatches to get gauge and managed on DPNs but I don't have the corresponding circular for the body.  I'm knitting the sleeves first because I don't know when I'll get back to the yarn store and don't really have time to spare.  I'm having a marvellous time, though.

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