Monday, 14 March 2016

I actually finished something

I generally try to keep four or less things on the needles at a time, otherwise I just never finish anything.  I like finishing things, so having this little rule for myself works really well for me.  Last week my projects were pretty much all nearing the end, and I've been really looking forward to starting something new, I just needed to get something finished first.

Flax Light was almost done, I just needed to do the ribbing on one sleeve and weave in a few ends.  I did that on Saturday and wore it on Sunday.    I shortened the sleeves so they'd been three-quarter length, which I'm pleased about.  I think I should have actually shortened them more, so they'd be about half-length, I always end up shoving the sleeves up over my elbows anyways.  The pattern was well-written, I find that anything by TinCan Knits is, so that wasn't a surprise.

It wasn't a really interesting pattern to knit, there was a lot of stockinette, but that made it perfect for tv knitting, or knitting in more social settings.  I'm really happy to have it in my wardrobe, though, I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

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