Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Way easier than I thought

I almost ruled out making TinCan Knit's Pop Blanket because the squares were all crocheted together.  I decided to go ahead anyways, because I love the finished product and I just figured I'll learn how to crochet later.

Yesterday at knitting group a friend was supposed to teach me how to attach these things but she wasn't there, so I asked another friend who crochets.  Now, despite the fact that this other friend crochets and makes absolutely beautiful, complicated things she said she had no idea how to do that and always sewed hers together when making a piece like this.  I thought about it, but the idea of that much sewing (and how many ends that would create) was enough to drive me nuts so today I sat down with the computer.

Five minutes later I figured it out, and about half an hour later almost all of the blocked pieces have been attacked (I still need to finish blocking about a third of them).  This is ridiculously awesome.

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