Monday, 27 April 2015

Back at it

I'm well into the raglan increases and am confident that the top is going to actually work for me (before it may have worked for me if I was wearing football gear, the shoulders were absurd).  It's at a stage where it's nice and simple, and where I really should draw up the lace chart so that when I come to that part it will be ready.  I'm quite taken with my plan and what I imagine it will be like in my head.

I'm really hoping things turn out according to plan, and my estimate of how big I might be after this baby is near reality so that the top will fix.  Risky, right?  But sweaters and tops are my favourite to knit and I just couldn't resist.  Besides, there will be enough give in it that it's not like the sizing has to be dead on, it would work with some positive ease as well as some negative, so I think it will be okay.

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