Thursday, 16 April 2015

I *think* it's going to work

I've ripped out the shawl that's just not to be and after much deliberation have decided to try my own design.  I figure I'll just make TinCan Knit's Bonny later so I don't have the same sweater as my friend in a near-identitical colour.

I've done math and double checked it and I think it will work, but it's quite fine yarn which means there's a lot of knitting until it's long enough for me to try it on and get a really good idea about whether my math works.  I'm pretty good at math, it's a top-down raglan, and I have no reason to assume it won't work but I'm still a bit.... I don't know what, actually.  Not nervous, maybe mildly apprehensive.  I really like it so far though.

It's about an inch long so far and is looking quite nice.  It would have been longer but I ripped out the first start because it was using the yarn I'd ripped out of the shawl and the fact that the yarn wasn't smooth was making the knitting look wonky, so I started again with the yarn that hadn't been used, keeping the rest in a little ball.  There's more yardage than I think I'll need in the ball so I'm hoping I can just use the fresh stuff but if I need to use the shawl-yarn I can figure out how to straighten it out when I come to it.  In any event that will now be near the bottom which is easier to over-look than the neckline, and would be blocked anyways.  The swatch came out fine, but I'll be trying it on before it's blocked and I like it better this way.

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  1. I always tell myself in a situation like this that it's the process I enjoy. If I have to rip a project out and start again--well, it just means more knitting. Still--good luck!